Thanet Music and Drama Festival

The festival is entirely self-funding and receives no public financial support

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Winners from the 2023 festival


There were three contenders this year, all of whom had taken part in 3 or more sections of the festival. It was hardfought between Zara Ansari (Speech, Vocal & Piano) and Luna Sarafoglou (Speech & Drama, Vocal, and Dance), but the winner, with a slightly higher average of marks and placings, is Luna.

Miss Vyse Cup 2023 winner


  • Cup for Speech (Yr 6 & under) Gian Tarr
  • Vinson Cup for Speech (Yrs7-9) Raf Cable
  • Mary Raven Cup for Speech (yrs 10 and above) Jane Daulman
  • McCleesh Cup - Reading Aloud at Sight Grace Miller/Harriet Tyman
  • Charles Dickens Plate Jane Daulman
  • Franks Trophy for Bible Reading (Year 8 and under) Alyssa Yeung
  • Margate Bible Society Cup (Year 9 and above) Ryan Baskaran
  • Thanet Stage School Shield for Mime Lexie Durrant
  • Gold Cup for Dramatic Achievement Georgie Carter
  • Dramatis Personnae Cup for Shakespeare Charlotte Haylor
  • The Chidwick Cup for Duologoue Luna Sarafoglou & Lila Grady
  • The Mary Lord Cup for Group Drama Trinity Theatrical Seniors
  • The Lanes' (South East) Ltd Cup for overall achievement Harriet Tyman
  • Olive Raven Trophy; highest mark Angel Shah
Speach and Drama 2023 winners


  • Gandolfo Cup (11 & under-Girls) Charis Wilkinson
  • Eileen Vesey Cup (13 & under-Girls) Zara Ansari
  • Cup for Solo-(Girls, 16 & under) Libby Field
  • Rosebowl -Solo (18 & under) Ruby Richardson
  • Prebble trophy (Boys Set Solo) Theo Paisley-Day
  • Prebble Trophy (Junior, Art Song) Zara Ansari
  • Light Opera Cup (11 & under - Junior) Sienna Suter
  • Light Opera Cup (13 & under - Junior) Luna Sarafoglou
  • Regan Cup (Light Opera-16& under) Mollie Gardiner
  • Light Opera Cup (18 & under) Ophelia Howard
  • Cup for Vocal Solo & Accompaniment (Senior) Ruby Richardson & Nima Fitzgerald
  • Yvonne Ives Cup for song in a Modern Style Ruby Richardson
  • Eileen Vesey memorial (Folk Song) Theo Paisley-Day/Ruby Richardson
  • Prentice Trophy (Lieder) Marika Landy
  • Senior Citizens' Trophy Roger P. Lee
  • Edith Pritchard Memorial Cup (Highest Mark-adults) Mary Crockatt
  • Adult Light Opera cup Julie Williams
  • Thelma Springford Bursary for young accompanist Nima Fitzgerald


  • Cup for choirs (Year 6 & under) Ramsgate Holy Trinity Choir
  • Cup for choirs (Yrs. 7-13) Elite Dance Academy
  • Cup for choirs (any age) Holy Trinity Graduates
  • The Myhill Shield for Junior Signing Choirs Inspiration Junior Choir
  • The Paul Mills Cup for Adult Signing Choirs Inspiration Adult Choir
Vocal and Choral 2023 winners


  • Under 8 Felix Koller
  • Under 9 Pearl Dunbar Brunton
  • Under 10 Aisha Faux Bowyer
  • Under 11 (Vivienne Frances) Dylan Jiang
  • Under 12 (Mabel Adelaide Gull) Asa Faux-Bowyer
  • Under 13 D'Angelo Lazar
  • Under 14 D'Angelo Lazar
  • Junior Cup (14-16) Marianne Robinson
  • Senior Cup Yoshimi Faux Bowyer
  • Junior Recital (Martin Cash Prize) D'Angelo Lazar
  • Senior Recital (Emptage Cash Prize) Yoshimi Faux Bowyer
  • Ann Worden Trophy D'Angelo Lazar
  • Millennium Cup Luka Knight del-Sastre
  • Blackburn Trophy Mabel Dunbar Brunton
  • Valerie Jones Trophy Mabel Dunbar Brunton
  • The Kenneth Emptage Bursary Yoshimi Faux Bowyer
Piano 2023 winners


  • Cup for instrumental solo - strings Marianne Robinson
  • Valerie Wolfe memorial cup - Duo Oscar Sharp & Daniel Jennings
  • Cup for instrumental ensemble - up to 6 players Lorenden Strings
Instrumental 2023 winners


  • Richard George memorial cup Baby Theatre Edith Sibley
  • Page Barber Cup Baby Classical Edith Sibley
  • E & C trophy Alexandra Kushaba/Rosa Lewis/Ava-Rae Timewell
  • Warren Trophy Annie Callahan
  • Solomons Shield Amelie Easton
  • Thanet District Town Council Amelie Dekker
  • Broadstairs Cup Theatre Duets Beau Stylianou & Maisie Hunt
  • Festival cup Classical Duets Libby Coe & Zadie-May Sangster
  • Queenie Swan Memorial Trophy Junior Ballet Sophie Easton
  • Toni Elizabeth Senior Ballet Olivia Manners
  • Georgia Leigh Junior Tap Zelia Tamulevicius
  • Laura Murray Senior Tap Beau Stylianou
  • LRT National Junior Alexandra Kushaba/Zelia Tamulevicius/Mariel Zhabina
  • National Senior Naomi Taffs/Amelie Dekker
  • Summer Faye Junior Modern Aimee Hougham
  • Modern Cup Senior Anna Redmond
  • Laurel Cup Greek Milly James/Amelie Easton
  • GOSH Song & Dance Junior Bryson Dekker
  • CDF Song & Dance Senior Olivia Fall
  • Violet Bowler Memorial Junior Lyrical Modern Sophie Easton
  • Doris Dorban Senior Lyrical Modern Zadie-May Sangster
  • Laura Ruth Junior Character Mia Brooker
  • Patricia James Senior Character Milly James/Olivia Fall
  • Trios/Quartets Caitlin Gambrill, Libby Coe, Zadie-May Sangster, Zahra Pople
  • Elliott Gilbert Memorial Cup Most Promising in Song & Dance Olivia Fall
  • Rowe Trophy Best Male Dancer Logan Maynard
  • Johnson's Trophy For Sincerity Kadey Baldry
  • Genevieve Award Teacher?s Best Choreography Paul Tracy from Hasland
  • Sara Bakeri Musicality Millie James
  • Xara-Mae Shining Star Award 9 years & under Zion Bottone
  • Zelia-Mae Award Most Outstanding Performance Masque Theatre School
  • Irene Tandy Memorial Shield For Endeavour Sebastian Appiah
  • David Murray Shining Star 10 - 13 years Eden Hope Haines
  • Ruth's Memorial Cup Aimee Hougham
  • Classical Shield - Junior Groups Limelight Stage School
  • Roberts' Trophy - Senior Classical Daluca Dance School
  • James Henry - Junior Troupes Elite Dance Academy
  • Robin Winbow - Senior Troupes Masque Theatre Schoo
Dance 2023 winners
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