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The festival is entirely self-funding and receives no public financial support

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Our Gala Concert, with the trophies awarded by our president, Sir Roger Gale, was, as ever, a wonderful occasion confirming the wealth of talent we have in Thanet. We are now busy preparing for next year's Festival

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  • Cup for Instrumental Solo - Strings Daniel Rae
  • Adrienne Gandolfo Cup - Recorder Solo Maedhbh McCabe
  • Cup for Woodwind Reuben-James Gilbert
  • Bradstow Cup for Brass Solo Hannah Prentice-Whitney
  • Valerie Wolfe Memorial Cup - Duo Zofia & Franciszek Wolny
  • Cup for Instrumental Ensemble: 3-6 players String Ensemble
  • Gillespie Trophy for Ensemble - 6+ players St. Lawrence College String Ensemble


  • Under 8 Emily Spenceley
  • Under 9 Emily Spenceley
  • Under 10 Nima Fitzgerald
  • Under 11 (Vivienne Francis) Emma Zhang
  • Under 12 (Mabel Adelaide Gull) Tallulah Rhodes
  • Under 13 Benny Z. Yu
  • Under 14 Leonardo Watters
  • Junior Cup (14-16) (P168-170) Zofia Wolny
  • Senior Cup (P172-175) Yamato Kinoshita
  • Duet under 10 Safia & Jasmine Jeffs
  • Duet under 13 Daniel Yao & Ethan Liu
  • Duet under 16 Martha & Bethia Carter
  • Junior Recital (Martin Cash Prize) Sarathi Spenceley
  • Senior Recital (Emptage Cash Prize) Rio Kinoshita
  • Ann Worden Trophy Rio & Yamato Kinoshita (Best Musician in the Piano Section)
  • Millennium Cup (highest mark in P154/P171) Jake Stevens
  • Blackburn Trophy (highest mark in P152/P153) Freddie Askew


  • Cup for choirs (Year 6 & under) Upton Junior School
  • Cup for choirs (Years 7-13)/ King Ethelbert's School
  • Shield-choirs-Sacred Music Thanet Gospel Community Choir
  • Shield -choirs- any age Thanet Gospel Community Choir


  • Gandolfo Cup (11 & under-Girls) Leonie Paige Carrette
  • Eileen Vesey Cup (13 & under-Girls) Not awarded
  • Prebble trophy (Boys - Solo) Rowan Tyler
  • Cup for Solo-(Girls, 16 & under) Kayleigh Stevens Keatley
  • Rosebowl -Solo (18 & under) Bethan Fahy
  • Prebble trophy (Junior-own choice) Abigail Heyfron
  • Metronome (Own Choice) Kayleigh Stevens Keatley
  • Light Opera Cup (13 & under) Bradley Bissett
  • Regan Cup (Light Opera 16 & under) Lucy Karczewski
  • Light Opera Cup (18 & under) Anna Shpley
  • Yvonne Ives Cup for song in a Modern Style Tyler Nicholson
  • Eileen Vesey memorial (Folk Song) Sophie Brinkman
  • Vocal Solo & Accompaniment (Junior) Leonie Paige Carrette & Zurafa Sakel
  • Vocal Solo & Accompaniment (Senior) Keana De Zoysa & Zurafa Sakel
  • Prentice Trophy (Lieder) Roger P. Lee
  • Edith Pritchard Memorial Cup (Adults) Jenny Holt
  • Solo (Senior Citizen) Roger P. Lee
  • Olive Raven Cup Kayleigh Stevens Keatley
  • Thelma Springford Bursary:young accompanist Zurafa Sakel


  • Cup for Speech (Yr 6 & Under) Olivia Parpworth
  • Vinson Cup for Speech (Yrs 7-10) Ned Linforth
  • Mary Raven Cup for Speech (Year 11+) Nicola Keefe/Martin Docherty
  • McCleesh Cup - Reading Aloud at Sight Oolong Khaing-Macpherson/Pranav Siddappa/Nicola Keefe
  • Charles Dickens' Plate Nicola Keefe
  • Franks Trophy: Bible Reading (Yr.8 & under) Jean Hodge
  • Margate Bible Society Cup (Year 9+) Hannah Lyell/Sean & Martin Docherty
  • Lesley Nixon Shield for Choral Speech St. Peter's Performers
  • Thanet Stage School Shield for Mime Gus Jackson
  • Gold Cup for Dramatic Achievement Olivia Earl
  • Dramatis Personnae Cup: Shakespeare Johanna Pearson-Farr
  • Roxanne Nixon Cup for Solo Dramatic Recital Elizabeth Brown
  • Chidwick Cup for Duologue Elizabeth Brown & Sophie Parker
  • The Mary Lord Cup for School Drama St. Peter's Performers
  • The Lanes' (South East) Ltd Cup Amy Kemp-Jones


  • Richard George memorial cup Baby Theatre Lily Williams
  • Page Barber Cup Baby Classical Megan Jarvis
  • E & C trophy Daisy Kirkby
  • Warren Trophy Conor Deeks
  • Solomons Shield Georgia Farrow
  • Thanet District Town Council Jessica-Mei Nelson-White
  • Broadstairs Cup Theatre Duets Georgia Farrow & Seren Deeks
  • Festival cup Classical Duets Nia Simm & Josie Young
  • Katie Peach Junior Choreographic Daisy Kirkby
  • Choreographic Trophy Senior Olivia Plummer
  • Page Mason Choreographic Duets Olivia Plummer & Lee Smith
  • Queenie Swan Memorial Trophy Junior Ballet Conor Deeks
  • Toni Elizabeth Senior Ballet Georgia Farrow/ Darcey Littlefield
  • Georgia Leigh Junior Tap Harvey Shulver
  • Laura Murray Senior Tap Rebecca Long
  • LRT National Junior Abigail Rose Maffei
  • National Senior Madre Paice
  • Summer Faye Junior Modern Millie Hunt/Mia Coveney
  • Modern Cup Senior Elisha Santer
  • Laurel Cup Greek Georgia Farrow
  • GOSH Song & Dance Junior Conor Deeks
  • CDF Song & Dance Senior Seren Deeks
  • Violet Bowler Memorial Junior Lyrical Modern Mia Coveney
  • Doris Dorban Senior Lyrical Modern Jessica-Mei Nelson-White
  • Laura Ruth Junior Character Emily Carter
  • Patricia James Senior Character Maisie Last/Jessica-Mei Nelson-White/ Josie Young
  • Trios/Quartets Jessica-Mei Nelson-White & Josie Young & Nia Simm
  • KAPA Adult Cabaret Limelight Stage School/ Footsies Dance Centre
  • Classical Shield Junior Groups Daluca Dance School
  • Roberts Trophy Senior Classical Footsies Dance Centre
  • James Henry Junior Troupes Hasland Dance Studios
  • Robin Winbow Senior Troupes Footsies Dance Centre
  • Elliott Gilbert Memorial Cup Most Promising in Song & Dance Seren Deeks
  • Rowe Trophy Best Male Dancer Michael Maple
  • Johnson's Trophy For Sincerity Isabel Godden
  • Genevieve Award Teacher's Best Choreography Amanda Tooms
  • Sara Bakeri Musicality Brooke Fordyce
  • Xara-Mae Shining Star Award 9 years & under Lucy James
  • Zelia-Mae Award Most Outstanding Performance Conor Deeks
  • Landon Jennings Choreographic Troupes Olivia Plummer
  • Irene Tandy Memorial Shield For Endeavour April-Laurena Fifield


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